Frex Freight & Express was established in İstanbul in 10.09.2011.

Our company carries on the operations about Air Cargo and Express Courier Transport as customer satisfaction-oriented.

Frex Freight & Express offers a global solution in order to carry urgent documents, wares, samples and parcel, thereby meeting expectations and addressing door to door needs in promised transit periods.

The reason of our existence is your existence.

Our policy;

Our company’s targets;

FREX Freight & Express adopts customer satisfaction primarily. %100 customer satisfaction is our essential purpose. FREX Freight & Express aims providing service in the international quality and standards, offering service beyond its customers’ needs and requests, progressing in a high quality way, thereby offering peaceful working opportunity to its employees and customers. It aims to become the symbols of reliability, continuity and respectability for its customers and suppliers.

We aim to progress with our precious customers.

FREX Freight & Express’s principal values;

We take priority to respond in a good quality and consistent manner to our customers’ expectations, to create value for them, thereby offering various alternatives to our customers. We intend to be supportive for our customers after sale. Our precious duty is to support our customers after sale, thereby forming our service options in the direction of the customers’ requests and needs. Our primary targets are to struggle to become the best for the presented service options to the customers, to protect and continue the image we have in public opinion, thereby improving the service quality in International Air Cargo and Courier Express transportation. Our essential principals are to take over the areas of activity for attaining the goal and to become the leader on the market.

Our aim is to create new resources so as to grow and progress with you.

For this purpose, FREX Freight & Express always takes care of the realizable projects, allows time and aims to contribute to continuity of social responsibility consciousness in the society, thereby being aware of social responsibility part in the society.

Your purpose is our purpose and your duty is our duty.

Our vision;

Our vision is to help our precious customers display performance in their areas of activity, while we find reliable, rapid service optional and economic solutions in Air Cargo and Express Courier Transport. It is to struggle to provide service beyond the customer needs for all airline posts with our educated personnel. For all your posts, it is to offer economic, customer satisfaction-oriented and full time options. For express courier posts, it is to provide trustworthy and punctual delivery with flexible collection and distribution network. It is to create value, thereby prioritizing newfangledness and to contribute to create a better future from environmental, social and economic aspects. It is to respect to social, political and cultural values in all geographic locations in the world.

The mission;

It is to improve FREX Freight & Express trademark that is industry leading about Express Courier and Transport and imitated with its practices.