Frequently Asked Questions

To write sender information that should be written in bill of lading while dispatching takes too much time. How might FREX help about it?

FREX delivers all your bills of lading with all the information, which you want, in pressed so as to make it easy, while preparing your posts.

Would you take our posts from our addresses every day?

You might program gathering time of your posts with FREX’s this service. The couriers receive your posts at the time you have determined, every day, thereby coming to your address.

May I get information at once, when the post delays?

In the private scope of service that FREX presents to its customers, who have high post capacity, delays in standard transit period, are informed immediately to the customers, thereby following the posts actively.

To what extent is the post taken out a policy important?

You might take out a policy your dutiable posts in return for appropriate insurance premium. In the act of getting damaged and getting lost of the post, this service includes commercial value, replacement cost and freight rate of the post. Losses and document expenses, arising from non-arrival or late arrival post are out of the scope. If you wish, you might have ‘automatic fuse’ for all your packet posts. Please, call customer service in order to have more information about insurance service.

How many ‘proforma invoice’ copies should I print?

You should print three bills of lading for each packet in your post.

My printer has broken down while trying to print the bill of lading. What should I do?

You should fill out the bill of lading manually.